L/BAILEY DESIGN is a boutique design studio based in NYC. We take the energy and creativity of the big city and combine it with our small-town Southern roots to give you the design solutions you need in an experience you’ll enjoy.



Start to Finish,
We’ve Got Ya

Maybe you’ve got a new project you need help with. Or maybe that one piece you do every quarter really needs a refresh. Or maybe—like us—you’ve decided to start your own company and need it all. From initial ideas and concepts to execution and final production, we’ll take care of it.

Designs of
All Kinds

Editorial projects like newsletters and annual reports are right up our alley, as are branding and supporting pieces, everything from posters to postcards. Take advantage of our 13+ years of experience at national newsstand magazines and top-notch performing arts/creative organizations.


We’re Also
Really Nice!

We’ve been in New York City for over 13 years, but we still haven’t forgotten our small-town Virginia roots (or the accent!). We really love making things look good, and we like to think that enthusiasm combined with the Southern way comes through in our day-to-day interactions as well.